Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sugar Daddy Lifestyle: An Arrangement with Benefits

Who says sugar dating is bad? Sugar dating is a healthy mutual arrangement and must not be mistaken as a form of prostitution. Sugar babies are far from being a whore. Their looks, intelligence and attitude are very different from the qualities of women you find in strip clubs. Sugar babies are lovely young ladies who are usually very well-educated, have cutesy pretty faces and hot bodies. I should know what a sugar baby is like; I have been with lots of them! New York City sugar daddies like me will be forever flocked with smart and gorgeous young ladies. I guess you are asking Ć«How in the hell does this man gets his very attractive sugar babes?

The answer is simple. I search for them at www.sugarsugar.com.Their sites boast an 8-1 girl to guy ratio and from my time as a member there I have found this to be true. Thar site helped me lead a sugar daddy lifestyle for sure.

As a rich, single man, it is always easy to find someone who will accompany me to exclusive events and high-profile gatherings. But sometimes, the willing women are cheap-looking like porn stars. And I do not want the press to say that this old businessman likes to hook up with surgically-enhanced porn stars. So, I tried this sugar dating site and I succeeded in finding young and intelligent girls that are worth the media attention. These girls are much too willing to go with me at parties. Who can say no to free cocktail dresses and high-class dinners? If they are lucky, they will have a shopping spree the day after, courtesy of my Black Amex.

Sugar dating is an arrangement where both the sugar baby and the sugar daddy receive benefits from each other. If young girls now agree with the friends with benefits setup, they are more willing to embrace sugar dating with greater benefits than that.

So, look for your own sugar baby today. There are plenty of sugar babes in New York City. They are basically everywhere, and the best places to look for are the universities and colleges.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Kacey Jordan Kerfuffle

I can't help but notice this Kacey Jordan girl riding out her 15 minutes of fame she gained by having a drug-fueled weekend with Charlie Sheen. On one hand, good for her for striking while the iron is hot and trying to make a couple of bucks for herself; the tabloid world is a strange symbiote, where the press and their "newsworthy" subjects engage in a mutual soul suck-off to generate media hits and ad impressions. No one's wrong, but everyone looks ugly doing it. 

On the other hand, it's not exactly a ringing endorsement of the Sugar Daddy lifestyle. Most SD's, myself included, expect a degree of discretion when engaging with our sugar babies. And yes, there are bullshitters just looking for a cheap lay, but you have to work at it to find a true SD with whom you can connect. We prefer to keep a low profile, and now you see why. 

Until that blessed day when the american culture-at-large openly tolerates sugar babies and mistresses, keep it discreet, ladies.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Everyone's a Sugar Daddy

Funny story from last night, which has convinced me that more people are sugar daddies than most would think:

About a month ago, I met a cute 20-something nurse at a bar I regularly frequent. She was surprisingly aggressive with me; I assume it related to the filthy-dirty martinis she was quaffing down. I talked with her for about an hour before getting the distinct impression that this girl was a little emotionally unhinged. You can always tell the Crazies by their laugh: a loud, front-loaded cackle at even the hokiest of your jokes, accompanied by an exaggerated bulging of the eyes. I bought her one final martini, wished her goodnight, and firmly excused myself, figuring I was unlikely to run into her again (New York is a big town, blessedly).

Last night, I got a call from a friend of mine asking for some favor or another. When he mentioned my name in the conversation, I heard in the background that oh-so-distinct cackle followed by, "Oh my god, is that JB?" Sure enough it was her, and he demanded I explain how she knew me, and, presumably, in what sense she "knew" me.

I challenged him: "I met her at a bar. That's all I'll say right now. Where did you meet her?"

"Starbucks," he says.

Starbucks, my ass. No disrespect to my (blog averse) friend, but I didn't buy it. He's a short, loud, obnoxious 45 year-old Jewish ticket broker. He's good for some things: floor seats to Knicks games, recommendations for restaurants, or being the asshole in your group who bitches when we don't get the "the Best Fucking Table in the House", but picking up cute young blondes while standing in line for a morning latte? That ain't him, brother.

And, of course, I let him know that.

He stuck to his story at first --clung to it, really-- while I vividly described just how full of shit he is. Finally, I offered to tell him to what extent I "knew" her if he came clean about where they had met.

"Fuck you. Sugardaddy site. Fuck you twice."

I swear, the sugar train gets more crowded every day.

P.S. - I'll try to update this blog more regularly. I forgot I'd even set it up. But it's nice that a late night on the internet might result in something creatively constructive, rather than another pile of email receipts for surprise SB gifts.

Monday, October 18, 2010

All these girls need a Sugar Daddy in New York City

Hi, my name is JB (yeah, not exactly my real name, but you understand...).

I'm a practicing sugar daddy in New York City. I've helped dozens of sugar babies find what they're looking for... be it mentorship, fun nights out on the town, or, usually, some cold hard cash.

I'm starting this blog in the hopes that I can help others find what they're looking for in the sugar lifestyle.

More to come soon!